Sunday, June 22, 2008

Firefox 3 Ready For The Spotlight!

For everyone who enjoys spending time on the internet and surfing, this release is a must have. I dont know about most people but I can easily say I hate waiting for web pages to load. Even with high speed internet I have found some pages take quite some time to load and when I am using a Vista PC, resources are scarce at best, but Firefox 3 has helped to improve both those areas.

I just wanted to take some time to help get the word out that Firefox 3 is live and ready for you to use. This browser is slick and speedy and within minutes of starting to use it, I was able to see the difference speed and resource usage wise. I've always been a firefox user and this latest release has all but reminded me why I love firefox. For those who are curious my backup browser is Opera.

This latest release is billed at being more secure, safer and standards compliant along with being faster which I guarantee you it is. Benchmark tests peg this release as being 20 times faster than Internet Explorer. Not bad eh?
To download the newest edition of Firefox just head on over to Mozilla.

If you are interested in helping to set the world record then use the page that firefox had specifically set up. World Record which at the writing of this article has downloads hovering well over 16 million! This page even breaks down the downloads into a graphical map showing various countries and regions.

So far after using this browser for a few days I can say I am thoroughly impressed and it will take a massive improvement in internet explorer to make me want to switch back. If you havn't used firefox before then why not give it a try, you might be impressed by the speed and stability.

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